DSemu: The Nintendo DS/GBA emulator

NOTE: DSemu is now a project maintained by Chris Double. You'll find his site at the following address: Chris Double's DSemu

What's Going On Here?

DSemu is an emulator project, originally maintained by Imran Nazar and now by Chris Double. The purpose of the project is eventually to emulate a Nintendo DS on multiple platforms.

Latest News

February 23rd, 2006

Tuesday saw the failure of my sturdy old Powerbook. The little Kanga had struggled along for about 8 years before ever it saw my grubby mitts, and then I got a hold of it, and strangled the last vestige of life from it. The hard drive lasted nigh-on two years, before it collapsed under the strain of serving this place and oopsilon.

Concurrent with the failure of the webserver drive, I've decided to throw in the towel regarding development of DSemu-ng. Before the crash, I hadn't touched the codebase for over a month, since just after the new year in fact, so the project has become somewhat stale.

To that end, I'm releasing the code as the final iteration of DSemu-ng, hoping that someone can find a use for it. At some point, I intend to use the code to generate a tutorial series on how (or how not, dependent on your view) to write an emulator, focussing on the plugin architecture; at least this iteration of DSemu has a plugin system.


If you need some documentation on how it works, just get in touch. My email isn't working right now, so give it a few days, or find me on IRC.